Premium. Smoked. Meats.

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  • Real Meat

    Quality starts at the source. We are dedicated to serving the best meat available, from Wagyu and Prime grade beef to heritage breed Duroc pork.

  • Real Wood

    No shortcuts here. All of our meats are smoked low and slow on our 500 gallon offset smoker, Big Lar. We don't believe in propane or electricity- just logs and fire.

  • Real People

    When food is prepared with love and pride, you can taste the difference. Purchase from people who really care.

Our Specialties

Our menu changes from time to time, but you can always count on these Smoke Bath staples.


The unquestioned king of Texas BBQ. Admit it.. this is probably why you're here.

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Pulled Pork

Did you know Cincinnati used to be known as "Porkopolis"? We honor this tradition with slow-smoked Heritage pork.

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Spare Ribs

Tender, smoky, a little touch of sweet heat. We got slabs for days.

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The Smoke Bath Promise

BBQ is our way of bringing people together and spreading joy.

We promise to craft every meal with care and provide you and your loved ones with nothing but our best 🖤